Howie & Debbie Campbell 

Singer/Songwriter, 70 style folk  & soulful Americana 
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            Native New Yorkers Howie and Debbie met and married in 1980, while Howie was playing with the Moose River Band in the Catskills. Now they travel all over America entertaining audiences with what someone has dubbed, “Howie Music”. 

            Accompanied by Debbie on percussion (tambourine, shakers, rain stick, hand drums and various other instruments), Howie paints musical soundscapes and sings stories. Life, love, trains, tropical beaches and other aspects of living make up his sets. 

            A singer/songwriter in in the tradition of James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, CSN, with a personal blend of folk, rock, blues, jazz and indie, Howie has enjoyed meeting music lovers from coffee houses and clubs to county fairs and even the Lockn Fest in Virginia. 

            Recently Howie has been incorporating the hauntingly beautiful sound of Native American flute with his acoustic guitar meanderings, especially in outdoor settings. 

            Living on the road for as much as ten months out of the year have seasoned these two minstrels, and has added to the lyrical richness of Howie’s songwriting as well. Easy, engaging, personal and friendly is how audiences in every state have found this duo. 


The first release from my latest album, “Northern Roots-Southern Soul” 

Flute, percussion, guitar – a montage of songs 

True Story about trains 

Howie’s recent single – blues 

Live coffee house – not the best quality, but good energy


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"I love your music which is real and full of emotions."” - Claude Hill, Grammy winning Nashville Recording Engineer and Pro Audio Consultant


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