Wholy Devoted – Part I

My first album since 2011 was a fun project with my lovely wife, traveling companion and percussionist, Debbie. Acoustic guitar and percussion spiced with Native American flute and creative arranging make this a cool album of songs spanning my years as a follower of Jesus.
Album coverart

How Wholy Devoted Was Birthed
Spending time with my close friend and brother, Robby Meadows in Alive studios in Harrisonburg, VA was wonderful. He set us up with classic gear and recorded Debbie and me together on the foundational tracks. It was a long day of tracking but we got it done.


Next I began to build the arrangements at a the house of a dear friend in Charlottesville, VA. Adding guitar, Native American flute, more percussion and vocals was great fun in between touring. It took a while to find those quiet moments when I could get a clean sound. It’s actually a challenge to avoid picking up unwanted sounds when living with other people in a noisy environment. It worked out very well and I’m grateful for the space.

The final mixing was completed in Zanesville, OH. Moving to a different location before the mix was solidified was extremely challenging, but it turned out very well.

A musician friend who sang with us years ago agreed to do the graphics and layout. Jodi Salice did an excellent job and I’m very pleased with the look of the album. I highly recommend High Realm Graphics for artistic design work.

Lastly I turned to my good friend Larry DeVivo of  Silvertone Mastering to make the recording shine, and boy did he. Great job, Larry, as always!


Larry DeVivo 2018

Larry & Howie at Silvertone Mastering

I’ll go into more details on the next blog. I’ve decided it’s time to tell about the songs, the inspiration behind them and a little about where we’re using them. Sound interesting? Stay tuned …

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