Thoughts on the Music Scene

Another attempt to connect with someone to help with booking our tour produced the same results as in the past: “book yourself, kid”. As I’ve known for some time, the major labels control the industry. This affects everything from booking agents to radio airplay, to record stores. This is true of the Christian music business as well. Ever wonder why you rarely hear of those excellent local bands or artists on your favorite Christian radio station? It’s because they are not signed to a major label, therefore they don’t get airplay, even on local radio stations.
May I encourage you to stretch outside of what you would normally do and check out the music of independent artists? It’s kind of like buying American rather than the flood of products from other countries.
There is so much good music out there not on the major labels. You won’t hear it on “corporate” radio, but it’s actually easy to find, especially if you are into downloading music. For example, all my produced music is available at
My music is also available at the same outlets as the majors: itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and more.

So if you’ll stretch out a bit, and not feed only on what the major labels put out, you can help break the cycle of mega income for the power brokers and help indie artists like myself produce a decent income; income I use to advance the cause of Jesus Christ around America.

It’s amazing what stepping outside the easy can produce. In fact, word of mouth is my favorite way to get out the news about cool new things I want to expose my friends to.

Dare to be different! It’s refreshing 😉

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