Northern Roots – Southern Soul

New Album Nears Completion

As of this writing the album in being mastered, the album jacket has been designed, the CDs are ready to order and … what are we waiting for? One mechanical license, that’s what.

In order to cover someone else’s song a mechanical license has to be secured. That way, the artist and those who hold the copyright can be compensated. I’m glad for that because I would want to be paid if someone covered my songs, which I hope happens. Sometimes it’s easy to obtain the rights, and sometimes not. It takes research, chasing down leads and running into dead ends. I feel like a detective.

Two songs on the album I’m covering by other artists are songs I’ve come to love. “People Get Ready” by Curtis Mayfield is a song many people know and love. We do it Gospel style on the album and it’s amazing. Jewel, Thomisene and Monica exceeded my expectations with an authentic vibe on vocals. Of course Sam, Geri and Vince knew exactly what to do, having grown up in “the Bible Belt”.

The other song I’m covering is one from The Beatles’ early days: “Can’t Buy Me Love”, written by Paul McCartney. My take on it is sort of a vision of his influences from R&B and soul. Man, this one really grooves.

I used my Fender Squire Strat on this one through a Music Man HD130. A Fender guitar through a Fender amp is a great combination. The Warm Audio mic through the PreSonus preamps into Studio One was a great combination. I’ve been a ProTools user for a long time, but I’m impressed with what’s being accomplished with the PreSonus rig.

Also impressive is the way the Warm Audio 251 microphone makes my voice sound. It’s about the best my voice has sounded yet.

The driving rhythm section of Sam, Geri and Vince is enhanced by Debbie’s skill at adding percussion spice at exactly the right moments. Add to that the Kimble Funchess horn section and man does this track rock.

The icing on the cake is when Jewel, Thomisene and Monica add BGVs. As if the song wasn’t hot enough already, they took it up to the stars!

At this point, I just want to say thank you to Tom Easley and the amazing team he assembled. This whole project is a match made in Heaven, for sure.


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