Northern Roots In Production

A good record is made even better by mastering. Chris Muth of Taloowa Corporation did an amazing job putting a shine on the album and it sounds great. I hope you can listen on a really good set of speakers, through some nice components because you’ll want to, not only hear all the cool nuances in each song and get the full effect of the expert mixing, but also crank it up and actually feel the music.

Back in the good ol’ days we would bring home a new record, place it on the turntable, set the amp levels just right, sit back and listen to the stereo mix hitting our ears and reverberating through our bodies. The engineers at AVA have recreated that old school feel utilizing the best of both worlds: modern technology in the digital age and analogue gear strategically placed in the chain. The resulting sound is “New Vintage”, an expert blend of two worlds to create a satisfying ultra cool listening experience.

Sorry if that sounds like an advertisement. Suffice it to say, you will DIG this record.

Chris Muth also used analogue gear, most of it designed by himself. He builds mastering equipment and other electronics for his company, Dangerous Sound. Some people can’t tell the difference between digital and analogue and some can. Whatever the case, I wanted my album to go through analogue equipment to get as fat, rich and full sound as possible. It’s like the difference between milk and heavy cream in my coffee. I just don’t want it if there’s no cream.

There are aspects of soul, R&B, Americana, jazz, rock and funk all in one album. If it sounds disjointed it is far from that. It all works together to create “Howie Music” as my friend Biery calls it. Tom Easley, producer and studio owner at AVA, has the right experience, back ground and ears for eliciting my sound. In fact, I felt we work really well together and it shows. He knew the right people to call for the sessions, from the musicians, to the singers, to the recording engineer.

Northern Roots – Southern Soul (album cover)

In today’s world of indie artists, social media and radio stations owned by huge corporations it will be a challenge to get the album heard. I’m counting on friends to get the word out and help me promote this amazing record. I envision a grass roots groundswell that will fan out from many locations to reach a global audience. Sound like a huge dream? It is, but it is definitely doable. Not only do I have great friends who love music, but I have great friends who love quality music that is slightly outside the norm.

So, if you like to kick back and listen to a great song, this album is worthy. If you like to dance and move to the groove, I’ve got you covered there as well. Do you like songs that tell a story? Here they are. I think you’ll find there is enough variety to keep you interested with a cohesiveness that brings all the various elements together into a unified whole.

Go to your favorite place to for music and check out the first song released from the album: “Back Country Fun”. You can hear more about this fun project on my Youtube channel as well. I’m posting interviews with each of the people involved in the project, having some great discussions, learning about their backgrounds and just getting to know them a little better. I hope you’ll find it a much fun as I do.

Thanks for reading and staying tuned. I feel like I’m just getting started on a fun trajectory and am glad you are along for the ride!

I’ve been interviewing the folks who participated on the album project and posting them, with photos, on my Howie Campbell Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe and hit the like button. Thanks! @howiecampbell

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