First Concert in Cyber Space

Last night I had an amazing experience with the 21st century world of computers: Debbie and I did our first “live streaming” concert.


Howie & Debbie Campbell

Howie & Debbie Campbell

There we were in the control center of Inspirational Country Radio with station manager, friend and all around good guy Ricky Russ. Ricky had come in earlier to set things up to be sure there were no glitches. After all, who needs glitches when folks from who knows where might be tuning in to watch.

So the computer was online, the mics were set, I was tuned and warmed up (tuned meaning in tune you guys!) and we were ready to roll. 10, 9, 8 … 2, 1 – On The Air! I had started playing a little before air time so the song was in motion when we went live.

At first it was a little strange singing to an empty room, knowing folks were watching just beyond our view… in other states, in the comfort of their own space, able to type us a message while we played. I had to remind myself it was like playing in my living room.

The comments started coming in and all were very positive. Suggestions for Debbie to get closer to the mic, to adjust the settings a little, and then comments that it was sounding great. Oh yeah.

Debbie did wonderfully well, Ricky kept everything moving along smoothly and the guys at Concert Window got us set up and even interacted with us so it ran along without a hitch.

Here is some of the dialogue from the show:

  • 07/07 5:44 Larry: We are so excited to hear you and Debbie tonight via live stream on our big screen TV!
  • 07/07 8:02 howieguitar: This is really cool. Folks from coast to coast are posting the link. I’d better warm up. lol
  • 07/07 10:05 Cville-man: Hey Howie this is Cville-man looking forward to hearing you guys tonight
  • 07/07 10:05 ninatang: Looking forward to your performance tonight
  • 07/07 10:17 Ricky: Hello friends
  • 07/07 10:22 Larry: Hi Ricky, We’re getting ready in Milton-Freewter
  • 07/07 10:30 Concert Window: Looking and sounding good!
  • 07/07 10:31 Ricky: Thanks cwsupport
  • 07/07 10:34 Larry: WEre here and it’s coming in good! About 20 of us here!
  • 07/07 10:35 Ricky: Ninatang is that Katy Texas ?
  • 07/07 10:35 ninatang: yeah
  • 07/07 10:37 simonlin: Tell Howie and Debbie that the Lins from Katy say hello too. Known the Campbells since 1996 when we lived in Memphis, TN. Blessings to you all.
  • 07/07 11:32 Larry: wow oh wow!!!!YOur concert was AWESOME!!!!!!!we LOVE YOU hOWIE AND dEBBIe ANDrRichy!!!!
  • 07/07 11:33 howieguitar: We sure wish we could be there with you guys, but we are in spirit. Thank you everyone for joining us

What a great experience. We hope everyone there enjoyed it, too. We must do this again real soon, with more advance notice and lots of commotion (advertising).

I recommend Concert Window to all my musician friends, for sure.

Until we meet again, either live in person or live streaming, I commend you to the care of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Many blessings!



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