Back In The Saddle

[contact-form] Howie South DakotasmJust noticed it’s been a long since I posted on the blog. With so much to do getting and staying on the road, it seems like a couple good things took a back seat. Like doing our end of year summary with pictures, and doing this blog. Well, both of those things were really fun, informative and sort of crucial to what we’re doing musically and otherwise, so, here goes.

Basically this short post is to get my feet wet as I step back into the stream of blogging. So this is the heads up: more on the way!

Most of my posts will be about the music I’ve been writing, recording, producing and playing. Of course that includes some of the folks that make music with me. I can’t wait to share about the folks I play, record, interact with and hang out with. It’s all good.

Have you been listening to my tunes? Let me know what you think. You can go back over my previous posts and catch some of the music, or go to to hear the tunes. Also places like itunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and others have my songs. I can’t wait to hear from you guys – enjoy!