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It's here and I have physical CDs for sale. The artwork looks great and it's cool reading the liner notes. On September 13 you can stream or download from all platforms, but if you want better sound quality and an autographed album, contact me and I'll put a signed copy in your hands.

Just snap the code at the right and include a message with your physical address, how many copies you want and who I should sign it to, and I'll mail your product right out. I'm asking $20/CD plus $5.00 shipping. (I know, shipping is through the roof).

Produced by Tom Easley (Formerly with MALACO Records, the Last Soul Company). The sound has been labeled "The Jackson Sound - New Vintage" and is soulful Americana spiced up with jazz, blues and folk rock. Add Native American flute and you have Howie Music at it's best.

Promoting to radio and social media are the next big expenditures and we could really use some patronage.

We would love you to be a part. How? Funding the project is critical to it's success but so is getting the word out there. Please help us spread the word on your social media. You can use my songs in your reels and other posts.

Please subscribe to my youtube channel and click the thumbs up button. That really helps.

As a thank you for helping us with the project I'm offering these perks.

1)  How would you like to go on tour with us for an evening?
For a donation of $500.  We will pick you up in our tour mini-bus where you will travel with us to a gig. After the show we will return you to home. Note:  you must live within 30 miles of the venue. Only two per show available (that's all the seats we have).

2) Donations of $20. I will email you an mp3 of one unreleased song. I have some acoustic guitar and Native American flute ambience music for listening enjoyment.

4) For a donation of $100 I will send you a USB stick with the album PLUS Howie's choice of five photos from the session. You can see the folks who made this such a great album.

Yes, this is an expensive project. It is the first time I've had a producer for a really great sounding album. One song from the project has been released already and you can listen below. It's called Back Country Fun.

September 13, 2022 is the release date so time is of the essence for promotion.

       To claim your perc, email:
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Howie & Debbie Campbell wish to thank you for your support of the arts, and of us. We love you!



about the album

Does the world need more music? YES! What is definitely needed is uplifting, positive, good time music. That's what this project is all about.

Dynamite musicians, well written fun songs, quality studio and experienced engineers are all in the mix to produce a seriously great sound. New Vintage is what it's been labeled. My producer calls it "G-rated boogie"!

Tom Easley of AVA Entertainment in Raymond, Mississippi is my producer. He and engineer Geri O'Neil did an amazing job mixing and Chris Muth of Taloowah Mastering put a serious shine on it.

Back Country Fun is the first song released and it sounds so good!

  • Do you know how difficult it is to make money as an artist these days?
  • Are you a patron of the arts and are looking for an exciting project to fund?
  • Do you just love what we're up to and want to get involved?

                           I would love to have you on board!

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Donate to the cause and watch the process unfold.
Spread the word and help me put out a fun, uplifting and exciting album.

I recently returned from Raymond, Mississippi after finishing the album. Tom Easley, Geri O'Neil, Sam Brady, Vince Barranco, Jewell Bass, Thomisine Anderson, Monica Shepherd, Malcolm Shepherd and of course Debbie Campbell did a fabulous job on the first round. Kimble Funchess put together a fabulous horn section with Doug Thomas and Will Brown.

This has become an incredibly great sounding record.

Join us by becoming a patron of the arts and helping Northern Roots - Southern Soul top the charts.


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Back Country Fun

Howie Campbell

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Soulful groove, Americana, folk rock. I wrote this while on tour and it's become a favorite with my kids. You'll love it.

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