Recording Moving Forward

One year almost to the day since we started this project we finished mixing. Now it’s at the mastering house getting ready for completion. Soon we’ll have in our hands twelve amazing funky, bluesy, soulful Americana songs known collectively as: Northern Roots – Southern Soul.

This June I returned to AVA studio in Raymond, MS where my producer Tom Easley had sessions lined up. We recorded eight more songs in March of ’22, then the horn section came in for four songs. This time I added some vocals and guitar parts getting ready for the ladies of soul to take is all up a notch. They surpassed all expectations!

Jewel Bass, Thomisene Anderson and Monica T. Shepherd are not only experts at what they do, but such friendly, down home ladies that made recording them a breeze and a joy. The parts they came up with were the perfect way to round out the songs and I am totally blessed to have their wonderful personalities on the album.

BGVs at thier best – (L-R) Thomisene, Monica, Jewel
Red Hot Blues vocals!

The top photo with me is just before the session. That’s Geri O’Neil on the computer setting things up. He did a fine job engineering all the sessions, beginning June 2021.

The bottom photo has a story behind it. Debbie and I love blue corn chips made by Garden of Eatin’. I like the regular but “she likes her blues red hot”. That’s the line the ladies sang on the song by the same name. It’s the hottest, funkiest song on the album, and man, these ladies really nailed!

I love the way things are turning out, and I’ll bet you will, too.


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